I'm an illustrator and designer interested in creating art and visual development. As an artist, I cherish creativity and aim to help myself and others to explore projects with an innovative outlook. Currently, I'm art directing for "Bluey" a children's television show for BBC and ABC.

Across my educational, personal and professional experiences I have earned numerous achievements across many projects. As an artist for "Sutdio Joho" and "Like a Photon Creative" I was tasked with concept art, background painting, hand drawn animation and general illustration for a variety of children and adult orientated online series.
I also directed "Sprite Knight" an animated short, creating the script, storyboard, concept art, production bible and backgrounds as well as animating and leading in clean up.
Twice now, I have competed in an international university driven 24 hour challenge. As the visual development, asset and background artist on both and the director on the second, I was able to successfully help my team create a completed 30 second animation. In 2015, I participated in the brisbane Supanova pop culture festival as artist exhibitor, showcasing and selling my art.
I have previously worked with fantasy author Arena Julia, illustrating the cover of the second book “Elon” (click this link to see) in her Amora Trilogy.